Monday, June 8, 2009

Get Busy Blogging, or Get Busy...Not Blogging.

Hmm.  You'd think I'd have come up with a snappier title for my first blog post in over a year. Think again.  Yes, it's me, your long-lost Narrator, back to tell you a bit more about Michael Reisman, Simon Bloom, and whatever else comes to mind.  

Where have I been?  Narrating, of course.  I have mentioned the adventures of Simon Bloom in THE OCTOPUS EFFECT, haven't I?  It's coming out soon...oh, so very soon...on Thursday, June 11.  

Here's what the cover looks like: 

(I've also Narrated a third Chronicle of Simon Bloom and his friends.  Michael Reisman, the so-called author of the book version of Simon's adventures, is doing more of that revising stuff he does to my historical records.  The new Chronicle, by the way, is tentatively titled SIMON BLOOM: THE ORDER OF CHAOS, and it should be ready for you...yes, read in 2010.)  

Did I mention that SIMON BLOOM, THE GRAVITY KEEPER has a spiffy new cover?  No?  My goodness, I am not up to my Narrating best.  Perhaps it's because of how bothersome it can get watching Michael Reisman's daily activities.  Zzzzzz.  Well, here's what GRAVITY KEEPER looks like now:

Pretty amazing, isn't it?  Yes, it's a fitting nod to my wondrous Narrating.  And, I suppose, a nodto the effort that Michael Reisman and the great people at Penguin and Walden Media have put forth.  (But mostly it's my Narrating.  Hurrah for me!)

In the meanwhile, Michael Reisman has been up to many, many things (that, to be honest, aren't nearly as interesting as my life):  

Juggling in book stores like Mrs. Nelson's Toys and Books...

        ...making new and interesting friends...

...and glowing with a weird light.  (Er, I have no idea how he managed that.  Perhaps Simon Bloom knows...)

That's all for now - I shall try to be a more attentive blog-Narrator with more exciting photos, dazzling mini-videos, and tips on how to accessorize with your bathrobe.

Ok, maybe not all of that.  Or any of it.  We shall see.  But thank you for stopping by!


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