Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coming soon, Soon, SOON! (Yes, Book 3.)

This is your Narrator here, and I'm as pleased as one can be while wearing a bathrobe in the summertime. I've been watching Michael Reisman for some time now and, quite frankly, I was getting rather frustrated waiting for a certain thing that starts with the letter 's' and rhymes with teaful (which isn't technically a word but, as all tea-drinkers would agree, should be)(let's be honest, how many words out there Really rhyme with sequel?)(I suppose Flangelo would suggest 'beakful', but for those not of the avian persuasion, teaful will have to do).

I'm happy to say that progress has been made: the  release of the 3rd Chronicle of Simon Bloom and his friends is now in sight! There is still much for that ol' Reisman fellow to do (including various adjustments, inputs, reformatting, and a fair amount of napping...he's quite good at that last one). Nevertheless, all major obstacles and issues have now been cleared up. It is officially, as someone less proper than me might say, 'gonna happen'!

I can't give you a date Yet, but I can tell you it will be released as an e-book. Michael hopes it will be within the next month or so, though he cannot be sure. To give you something, however, here is what the e-book's cover will look like:

As your Narrator, I feel I must apologize for your having to wait. There are still some potential (minor) delays, so he and I both hope you can be a bit more patient. I can assure you, however, that the book will be available - as the title of this post implies - as soon as possible.

More information will be posted as it is known. (And, if you'd like, please spread the word!)