Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Blog Must Go On...

Yes, I have returned to my Chronicling duties (here I am, looking very Narratorial). I'd just as soon not, frankly...watching this Michael fellow's antics is rather exhausting, but I suppose it's better than just sleeping all the time. Narrowly. So, where have I been, you might be wondering? I was Chronicling the activities of Simon Bloom, of course! That adventure will be available for you to read in February 2009, under the title SIMON BLOOM: THE OCTOPUS EFFECT. Even now, this Reisman fellow is daring to carve up my glorious words in what he calls 'revisions'. Fortunately, he's getting some guidance from his publisher, whose wisdom will hopefully keep him from making too much of a mess of my work.

While I was watching Simon Bloom, Michael Reisman was making a fool of himself on behalf of my first Chronicle - SIMON BLOOM, THE GRAVITY KEEPER. Here he is, hiding behind the book cover.

I'll write more about Michael and the book later, describing how he wandered off to New Jersey and New York, as well as a few places in Los Angeles, to pretend that it was he - and not me - who truly told Simon Bloom's story. But I know the truth, and so do you, oh faithful Chronicle reader...stay tuned for more info...

In the meanwhile, I'll give you a tiny glimpse of what I have to put up with. Here's a brief video look at Michael Reisman on February 14, 2008 -- the day SIMON BLOOM, THE GRAVITY KEEPER went on sale in stores/ on-line. If you like giant robots, flying cars, mutant banana peels and fire-breathing bunnies, then you will surely notice that this video does not have any of that in it. But Michael does have a drawing of a giant robot on his t-shirt. Quite amazing. Really. Cough, cough.

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Simon said...


My name is actually Simon Bloom. I haven't read your book, but you've officially ruined my chances of ever being #1 on Google when I look my name up.

If you ever need someone to play Simon in a film adaptation, you know who to call ;)