Thursday, February 7, 2008

What A Fool This Author Be...

This is your Narrator, back for another episode of author Michael Reisman's life. This time, our subject has posted a YouTube video of a Physics demonstration I conducted with him.

You can observe his, ahem, grace and skill here:

I wish I could tell you no apples were harmed during the filming of that video. But I cannot.

Observing Michael Reisman's life has its share of interesting moments. Why, just last Thursday he met with an excellent Penguin books publicist and a number of charming Southern California booksellers from Vroman's, Mrs. Nelson's, Mook & Blanchard, and First Page. They had a delightful lunch and wonderful conversation...until Michael decided to ask them about the weirdest things they'd ever eaten. He asked this during the salad course. Oh, Michael...not the brightest bolt of lightning in the storm, is he?

The booksellers were tolerant of this, somehow restraining themselves from clubbing Michael silly with the copies of SIMON BLOOM, THE GRAVITY KEEPER laying around. Conveniently enough, the weirdest-food winner might well have been the people who tried the restaurant's bleu cheese ice cream.

Yes, that's right, bleu cheese ice cream. Michael tasted some and declared that, in his mind, bleu cheese is better suited for buffalo wings than for ice cream. (He and I are in agreement, there.) I wish Michael had thought to bring a camera to the event so there could be action photos of the lunch, the booksellers, and the bleu cheese. But he didn't, so there aren't. (Re-read the title of this blog-post for the explanation.)

The only other news in Michael's thrill-a-decade life is that he's gotten two excellent reviews for his upcoming book. Of course, the accolades really belong to me -- after all, it's My Chronicle. He only had it published. But he's reprinted the reviews from Kirkus Reviews and Publisher's Weekly on his website here:

It's fairly amusing to watch him as he reacts to these reviews. Let's just say it involves him dancing around rather foolishly in his apartment. His fish, I might add, turn away in shame when he does this. I only wish I could but, as Narrator, I must bear witness.

That's all for now. But as far as ridiculous dances-of-joy go, SIMON BLOOM, THE GRAVITY KEEPER is being officially released next Thursday, February 14th, so you can bet Michael will be, as they say, shaking his booty. And I will be, as they say, utterly miserable as I watch.

Stay tuned.

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