Monday, December 24, 2012

Simon Claus has come to town! (wait...Santa Bloom? No, that's not right, either...) Okay, Simon Bloom Book 3. Ho ho ho. Got it?


'Twas the holiday season
and all 'cross the Earth,
people were readin'
and filling with mirth.

'Cause Simon Bloom 3
was finally here,
in book-types called "e"
to bring all good cheer!

And that, oh readers, is why a good Narrator should never write in rhyming stanzas. Or at least this Narrator. But I am rather too excited to restrain myself. You see, it is holiday time here in the United States. I've been sitting -- bathrobe-clad and tea-sipping -- watching the rest of the people of the world go about their exciting lives while I waited, waited, waited for my 3rd Chronicle of the adventures of Simon Bloom to be available for others to read.

Now it has. Finally. Michael Reisman, about whom I am currently chronicling (while waiting for someone more interesting to come along), has at last put it out into the world for those who want to read my glorious Narrating. It is, as that splendid cover above indicates, called Simon Bloom: The Order of Chaos, and it is ready for you - yes, YOU - to purchase!

You can get it via Amazon:

or via Barnes and Noble:

 or you could simply click through Michael's website,

As you no doubt know, the Amazon ebook is readable on Kindle devices and the Barnes and Noble version is readable on Nook devices...but perhaps you're wondering, what if I don't have a Kindle or Nook?

Well, you can download a free Kindle reader program or Nook reader program for your PC or Mac, OR you can download the free Kindle or Nook app for your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or Android tablet. ALSO, the Barnes and Noble version is readable on any other device that can read epub-format ebooks.

Since Simon Bloom 3 is coming out in the midst of the holiday season, that Reisman fellow has chosen to ask only $3.99 for it, though he will probably raise the price somewhat at some point early in the new year...

I suppose, since I'm chronicling Michael Reisman, I should include a direct message from him:

"Thank you SO much for reading and for being SO patient for Book 3! But I Do have a favor to ask of you, oh loyal Simon Bloom readers. If you Do read Order of Chaos and you Do like it, please, Please, PLEASE tell your friends, your neighbors, your teachers, your librarians, passing space aliens...basically, anyone you think might like Simon Bloom.
Please review it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, or anywhere else you think it will help, and please blog about it (if you blog). In short, please do whatever you can to help me spread the word about Simon Bloom's adventures!
(But, of course, if you DON'T like the Order of Chaos, then I'm perfectly content for you not to review it, heh heh...)"

My, what a cheeky fellow, but I must agree with this Reisman man (or, for short, let's call him ReisMan): any word of mouth that can alert others to this Chronicle would be much appreciated by me as well!

Michael made the ebook non-DRM so it would be more available for all, including -- he hopes -- for librarians to be able to carry the book. But he (and I) implore you to Please not make illegal copies/ post the book online. I think everyone should get to enjoy Simon Bloom's escapades but I (and ReisMan, I suppose) worked very hard on it, and the sales from it are the only way he gets paid. 

(There are no plans for a print or audiobook version in the near future, but I will personally let you know if that changes. That's what good Narrators are for, after all!)

I am, as you've no doubt noticed, the most modest Narrator around, but I do believe this is the finest of the Simon Bloom Chronicles. And, not to reveal too much, but I think you'll be pleased by my role in the tale. Yes, Narrating is an amazing enough adventure in of itself, but - in the grand tradition of Arthur Dent himself - me and my bathrobe get to have some excitement, too.

What do I mean? Well, what sort of Narrator would I be to insert spoilers? Go on, go read the book and see for yourself. 

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a Bloom night!!!


Den Lim said...

It's US$5.99 on Amazon not US$3.99, but who cares? I have been waiting for this one for so long. Wahoo!

Rylan Celentano said...

are you making a 4th book?