Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Better Late Than...Okay, Fine, Late is Bad.

Greetings from the long-absent Narrator...yes, I'm afraid I've been remiss in my Narrating duties for quite some time. I mostly blame Michael Reisman. He's not been terribly interesting, lately. Oh, sure, he's done school and library visits, and gone to conferences, and done a lot of work, and eaten, and fed his tropical fish (he now has several), and a lot of other mundane activities. But honestly, has he really shaken the universe of late? Not in my book. (no pun intended...)

Well. Perhaps that will change soon. As you presumably know, I also chronicle the life of Simon Bloom (who has a lot more universe-shaking under his belt than ol' Reisman). And, as you also presumably know, only two of Simon Bloom's chronicles have been available for public reading. The third one, entitled The Order of Chaos, has been in a Limbo of sorts.

In fact, that very same Michael Reisman made a video about it over a year ago. Perhaps you've seen it:

The video's not terribly exciting, I'm afraid, though that octopus is certainly photogenic. 

Since that video (and before it, of course), there has been quite a lot of waiting on this Reisman fellow's part, which of course meant a lot of waiting on my part. (A lot of tea, pizza, and those little goldfish crackers were consumed.) I have also watched Michael work on other books, as well as some movie and television material, but I have nothing exciting to report on that right now. At least not yet. (The goldfish crackers, however, were cheddar flavored...and delicious!)

Michael is certainly sorry for the delay, but he does expect to have an update on when you...yes, You...can get your eyes on my 3rd Simon Bloom chronicle (which, I might add, is considerably more exciting than this mini-chronicle about Michael)(I promise!).

Please be patient...Michael hopes to know more in the next month or two. In the meanwhile,might I suggest that you engage in some of his favorite pastimes, such as reading, napping, and juggling. But not all at once! (Trust me, that would not go well.)

Thank you for stopping by, and do check in soon for updates...


Jon M. said...

Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the third book! :D

E4439QV5 said...

As long as it WILL BE released, I'll continue to wait patiently... $20 in hand...

In the meantime, I'll just re-read "The Octopus Effect" and hope I made the right assumption about Janathus

Marcus Rocwell said...

dude r u sure ur alive

Phil Lynx ! said...

My son can not stop asking me for an update... for my sanity please tell us when the book will be published...!